Japanese media: Abe said he is not committed to implementing

     2019-11-03    views
October 11, according to Japan's kyodo news reported that Japanese prime minister shinzo Abe on the 10th house of representatives budget committee meeting, on his own as the goal of 2020 implementation of the revised constitution, said, "after all, just hope. It is the parliament that proposes the amendment, and I don't think it will happen at all according to my timetable. Japanese media pointed out that this shows that Abe is not committed to this idea.
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File photo: Japanese prime minister shinzo Abe.
Abe has reportedly set 2020 as his goal for the 2017 constitution day. Because of opposition opposition, he has so far repeatedly said "not on a timetable", reinforcing his language at the budget committee meeting on October 10th.
"As LDP President, I think it is very important to include the existence of the self-defense forces in article 9 [of the constitution]," Mr Abe stressed in the budget committee.
On the other hand, he also said: "what to do about the specific content, please ask everyone to discuss at the constitutional review meeting. The two-thirds threshold is high."