Who is the fattest cub? The winner of the "fat bear competit

     2019-10-11    views
According to foreign media on October 11, every autumn, the brown bears in Alaska, the United States, are trying to "eat and drink" to store fat for the upcoming hibernation. They won't know. Meanwhile, Internet users from all over the world are voting with open eyes for which of them will be the fattest pups this fall.
Holly, 435, was the winner of this year's fat bear week in Alaskas Katmai National Park, Alaska. Photo credit: visual China
Every fall, Alaska's Katmai National Park and Alaska's Katmai National Park hold a week-long Fat Bear Week competition. Internet users from all over the world can also vote for the fatter bear in July and September through the park's webcast.
Park officials say each bear is numbered, but they will be named according to comments made online. In addition, there is no strict criteria for determining which bear is the fattest, people just choose the one that looks the fattest.
After a series of votes, the brown bears "lefty" and "Holly" entered the finals. Finally, the number 435 "Holly" with a proud flesh force to crush the group of bears, become the current "fat bear competition" champion!
Katmai national park and nature reserve is known for its abundance of salmon eating brown bears. Since 2014, the garden has been holding the "fat bear competition".
The park said the contest was not a humiliation of the body but an active celebration of the natural process of gaining weight.
Park staff pointed out that "fat bear week" is fun for Internet users, but important for brown bears. In July, the bears become hyperphagia, preparing for hibernation in November, and then stop eating. Arguably, the fatter the bear, the more likely it is to survive its hibernation.