Japanese media: no. 19 major typhoon to Japan should take ea

     2019-10-10    views
October 10, according to Japan broadcasting association (NHK) reported, Japan meteorological agency news, 2019 no. 19 major strong typhoon "haibis" will be accompanied by strong winds and rain in the 12 to 13 approaching east Japan, and may make landfall nearby.
Hagibis is reportedly close to the ogasawara islands. Strong winds are expected to hit the ogasawara islands on Sunday, with a maximum wind speed of 23 meters per second, a maximum instantaneous wind speed of 35 meters per second, and waves of 10 meters in the sea.
As the typhoon progresses, strong winds and waves are expected on the Pacific side of east and west Japan by the 11th. As the typhoon will also bring warm and wet air, after the afternoon of November 11, east Japan and west Japan on the side of the Pacific Ocean will appear strong convection weather, usher in strong rainfall.
Some areas of the east China sea and kinki are expected to receive between 200 and 300 millimetres of rain in the next 24 hours. Rainfall in parts of kanto will reach 100 to 200 millimeters. More rain is expected to fall in eastern and northern Japan after Sunday morning.
Large areas of Japan are expected to be hit by storms from October 12 to 14. Especially in areas near typhoons, strong winds and heavy rain may bring major disasters to the region. People around the world should pay close attention to the latest typhoon information and prepare for it as soon as possible.