The report says ransomware remains the biggest threat to cyb

     2019-10-10    views
 The Hague, Oct. 9 (xinhua) -- wang yanan Ransomware remains the biggest threat to cyber security, and global cooperation is needed to combat cyber crimes, europol and Interpol said in a joint report on Wednesday.
The report, titled "the 2019 Internet organized crime threat assessment," was released at the opening of the seventh Interpol/Interpol conference on cybercrime. More than 400 law enforcement and security officials and scholars from 70 countries and regions will attend the meeting to discuss law enforcement and other issues in the Internet world in the next three days.
According to the report, data has become the main target of cyber criminals, so the security of data and the cyber security awareness of consumers are crucial. In addition, preventing ransomware attacks against smart cities has become a focus. The report says the most obvious ransomware attacks in 2019 were against local governments, a warning for cities around the world.
Although the global volume of ransomware crime has declined, it is moving toward more profitable targets and has caused more economic damage, and remains the most widespread and costly form of cybercrime, europol chief Catherine debler told the conference.
Ransomware is a type of malicious software that USES ransomware to conduct cyber attacks. It can be used to extort money by locking down devices or encrypted files to prevent normal access by users. Ransomware spreads mainly through phishing emails, Shared files and mobile storage.