The house oversight committee has subpoenaed the White House

     2019-10-05    views
China news service, Washington, Oct. 4 (xinhua) -- The house of representatives' oversight committee issued a subpoena to the White House Thursday night, requesting documents related to the phone conversation between U.S. President Donald trump and Ukrainian President vladimir zerensky.
Khanis, chairman of the house oversight committee, said the documents requested included records of trump's July 25 phone call with zelensky, trump's freeze on military aid to Ukraine a week before the call, and trump's personal lawyer giuliani's dealings with Ukraine.
On the same day, the chairmen of the house foreign affairs, intelligence and oversight committees sent a letter to the White House saying that "we deeply regret the situation that trump has put us and the country in, and we have no choice but to issue subpoenas."
In response, White House press secretary Stephanie grisham issued a statement saying the subpoena would do nothing to change anything but waste more taxpayer money and ultimately vdemonstrate the President's innocence. "Keep up the show, Democrats, and the trump administration will keep doing what's best for the American people."
In addition to sending subpoenas to the White House, the chairmen of the house foreign affairs, intelligence and oversight committees also sent a letter to vice President mike pence asking for documents. Pence's spokesman responded that the Democrats' request for documents from the vice President was "not a serious matter" and only meant that Democrats wanted to focus public attention on their impeachment investigation.
Pence is reported to have met with Ukrainian President vladimir zerensky in Warsaw, Poland, last month. The incident also made pence one of the key figures in the democratic impeachment investigation.
In response to the recent spate of subpoenas by house Democrats, Mr. Trump said he was preparing to send a letter to house speaker Nancy pelosi, telling her that the house could not force documents unless the full house formally voted to approve the impeachment investigation.
In a recent phone call with zerensky, trump asked him to investigate the son of democratic presidential candidate Joe biden and froze military aid to Ukraine a week before the call. In the wake of the incident, pelosi announced on September 24 that she would open an impeachment investigation into the President, but the full house of representatives did not vote on the matter.