The 27th National Photography Art Exhibition kicked off in W

     2019-09-27    views Weifang September 27th (Sun Hongyi Liang Ben) The 27th National Photography Art Exhibition and the first Weifang International Photography Week opened in Weifang, Shandong Province on the 27th. It is expected to attract 200,000 visitors. Selected for 354 works of this exhibition and the first Weifang International Photography Week theme exhibition, it will provide a visual arts feast for photographers and enthusiasts.
"Red Flag Canal", "My Home", "The Gift of Life - 23 Years Witness: The Young Girl in the Cave" is "The Back of the Female Photographer's Shot"... The reporter saw the scene at the scene, many excellent photography. The work is wonderfully unveiled. Visitors can stop or watch, or take a photo of their mobile phone. Many local photographers picked up their own "long guns and short guns" to record the wonderful moments and learn about shooting techniques.
“The National Photographic Art Exhibition, founded in 1957, has been successfully held for 26 times. It is the oldest, most influential and largest national photography exhibition sponsored by the Chinese Photographers Association.” Li Wei, Chairman of the China Photographers Association, opened According to the introduction, this year coincides with the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. At this important historical node, it is of special significance to use images to witness the ups and downs of the country and to record new eras, writing new eras, and singing new eras.
"The number of people who submitted the photographic exhibition and the number of works reached a record high. More than 88,000 pieces of works submitted by more than 22,000 photographers were received (more than 247,000 pieces)." Li Wei said that this photo exhibition was the first time. Add a “long-term focus unit” to encourage photographers who are deeply involved in life and immersive in deep creation; change the “commercial category” to “commercial and creative” to improve the overall level of such works; The photography industry experts, associations and media recommend masterpieces as a powerful complement to individual contributions.
Li Wei said that the photography exhibition played an important role in producing talented works, showing the unique charm of high-level photographic cultural products, and providing a visual arts feast for the majority of photographers and enthusiasts.
At the scene, Weifang City was awarded the title of “Hometown of Chinese Photography”. Hui Xin'an, secretary of the CPC Weifang Municipal Committee, said that with the 27th National Photography Art Exhibition, Weifang launched the first Weifang International Photography Week, focusing on cultivating new local culture brands, which will promote the development of Weifang photography art industry and enhance the city brand value and culture. Influence.
“Photography has a profound mass base in Weifang. At present, Weifang has 243 Chinese Association members and 3155 provincial association members.” Hui Xinan said that in recent years, the city has focused on promoting Weifang, recording the era and improving by developing photography art. The city's image and cultural influence have created a large number of excellent photographic works that conform to the development of the times and cast the characteristics of Weifang.
Wang Shinong, secretary of the Party Committee and Vice Chairman of the Shandong Federation of Literary and Art Circles, said that this year, the National Art Exhibition, the National Calligraphy Seal Exhibition, and the National Photography Art Exhibition “Three National Exhibitions” also took place in Shandong, realizing the breakthrough of Shandong’s three national art exhibitions. . The exhibition will stimulate the enthusiasm of the majority of literary and art workers and photographers in Shandong to participate in the photographic art. Through photography art, the aesthetic education will be enhanced, the people's life will be enriched, and the high quality development of Shandong will be promoted.