Despite the "threat" from the us, Turkey's operation in Syri

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According to comprehensive reports, the Turkish military on October 10 in northern Syria hasakah and raqqa province, the code name of the "fountain of peace" military operation. So far, dozens of people have been killed and wounded in Turkish army attacks that have severely damaged infrastructure. The US President Donald trump has said Turkey should face financial strikes and sanctions if it does not play by the rules. Turkey, however, defied "threats" and said it would not change its policy. The UN security council met behind closed doors on Monday but failed to reach a consensus on a statement amid rising tensions.
The Turkish army launched a military operation in the northern part of the Syrian province of hasak on October 9. The Turkish army launched intensive shelling on targets of the Syrian kurdish-led "Syrian democratic army" in the city of ras ain, causing damage to the local infrastructure and causing a large number of people to flee.
Turkish defense ministry: killed 219 PKK members
Turkey has killed 219 members of the kurdistan workers' party, the kurdistan people's protection force (ppk-ypg), during operation "fountain of peace" in northern Syria, according to the Turkish defense ministry.
"The total number of kurdistan workers' party (PKK) 'terrorists' wiped out in the successful operation' fountain of peace 'east of the Euphrates river is 219," the Turkish defense ministry reported.
Turkey's President, recep tayyip erdogan, announced Tuesday that he would launch a military operation against Kurdish militants in northern Syria, code-named "fountain of peace." Erdogan posted the news on social media that day.
He said the operation was aimed at preventing Turkey's southern border region from becoming a conduit for terrorists and for regional peace. Turkey will eliminate terrorist threats and establish a "safe zone" in northern Syria to help Syrian refugees return home.
Syria's foreign ministry on Monday blamed Turkey for killing and wounding civilians during military operations in northern Syria.
Trump: if Turkey doesn't play by the rules or faces a financial hit
The US President Donald trump has said he is closely following Turkey's military campaign in northern Syria, arguing for financial strikes and sanctions if Turkey does not play by the rules.
"If Turkey doesn't play by the rules, hit it hard with financial sanctions," trump wrote on his social media account. I'm watching."
Mr. Trump also said he was trying to end the endless war and was talking to both sides of the conflict.
Earlier, Mr Trump said the us did not approve of Turkey's operation in Syria as a bad idea. But the americans pulled out ahead of schedule.
On 9 October, the Turkish bombardment extended within an hour to the city of ayn isa in raqqa province in northern Syria.
Turkey's foreign minister: no change in policy
However, responding to trump's "threat", Turkish foreign minister mevlut cavusoglu said Turkey would not change its policy.
"If we were afraid of any speech, we would not be operating in Syria," Mr Cavusoglu said. I can't comment on trump's tweets. He's under pressure, he's trying to do something, and his tweets are so varied that I don't know which to comment on. Above all, despite all the rhetoric, Turkey will do what needs to be done and what it thinks needs to be done."
The security council is discussing the situation in Turkey and Syria
The UN security council held a closed-door meeting on Syria Tuesday amid escalating tensions. But there was no consensus on a statement.
The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, craft, has warned that Turkey will face "consequences" if its military offensive against Kurdish forces in northeastern Syria does not protect the vulnerable or contain islamic state militants, Reuters reported.
"Renewed armed hostilities in northeastern Syria will further destabilize the entire region, exacerbate the suffering of civilians and lead to further displacement of people," schulz, Germany's u.n. representative, said in a statement.
However, Turkey's ambassador to the United Nations, cenar leoulu, said that "this operation only targets terrorists and their hideout, shelters, weapons vehicles and equipment" and that "Turkey has taken all precautions to avoid collateral damage to civilians."
Reports say the UN security council is discussing a us draft statement on the situation in Turkey and Syria, but it seems unlikely to reach an agreement.
"The security council should take into account other aspects of the Syrian crisis, not just Turkey's actions," said Russia's ambassador to the United Nations, dmitri nabencia. "there is also a foreign military presence in the country."