Southwest airlines: two Boeing jetliners have been grounded

     2019-10-10    views
 October 10, according to foreign media reports, the United States southwest airlines said on the 9th, two Boeing aircraft have been grounded because of the inspection between the wing and the fuselage connection component cracks.
According to an emergency order issued by the federal aviation administration, the two planes are among a number of older aircraft that must be inspected within seven days. Last week, the federal aviation administration ordered airlines to inspect the 737, starting with planes that had flown at least 30,000 times.
Southwest airlines spokesman Michael Parrish said Tuesday that the crew examined more than 200 aircraft and found two of them showing signs of cracking. The planes will remain grounded until repairs are completed. He said the airline reported its findings to Boeing and the federal aviation administration.
The plane in question is another version of the Boeing 737, known as the Boeing 737 NG jet or Boeing 737 new generation, which was launched in 1997. Boeing was supposed to replace the 737 NG with the 737 Max, but the 737 Max remains grounded worldwide after two accidents killed 346 people.
A Boeing spokesman said the company is working with airlines to develop maintenance plans and provide parts and technical assistance.
The cracks are said to have occurred at a part called the pickle fork. It had long been assumed that the part would never need replacing.
Southwest has more than 700 aircraft, all Boeing 737s, including 34 grounded 737Max jets.
American, united and delta say none of their Boeing 737s will be inspected for seven days. American and united say they have about 80 planes, while delta says it has about 50 that will need inspections in the coming months.