International: China has found its way to success

     2019-10-05    views
In an interview with CCTV, political and media leaders from France, Hungary, Britain, yemen and Uganda pointed out that China has found its way to success. They sincerely congratulated the People's Republic of China on its 70th anniversary.
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Giscard d 'estaing was elected President of France in 1974 and visited China in 1980 as the then President of France. He says he was impressed by what China looked like at the time.
Giscard d 'estaing said he was impressed by China's rapid development, which he attributed to its adherence to the right development path.
The President of the Hungarian parliament, kewell laszlo, also praised China's development path.
People from all walks of life in the international community say that China is on the best track of scientific, stable and upward development.