Biden spends $6 million on trump phone ads

     2019-10-05    views
The campaign of former vice President and democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is spending $6 million to place its first campaign AD in four early-voting states. The 30-second AD claims President trump "lied about a democrat he didn't want to face," in response to Revelations that trump had called Ukrainian President vladimir zerensky to ask for an investigation into biden's son.
According to CNN, the AD by the biden team is titled "insanity." The AD features a narrator who says trump lied about biden and shows biden giving a speech in Nevada this week in which he responded to trump's phone-in.
In the AD, biden says, "right now, he's even more unhinged because he's worried about the election." "he wants to run on his own terms. He believes that this tactic allows him to pick his opponent and only face the candidate he thinks he can beat." Mr Biden added: "we are not going to let Mr Trump pick the democratic candidate." The AD will run in Iowa, New Hampshire, south Carolina and Nevada.
Trump spoke to reporters Thursday. (photo: ap)
It follows Revelations that Mr Trump called Ukraine's President, sergei zelensky, in July to ask him to investigate the son of Joe biden, the democratic frontrunner in the 2020 election. In the wake of the incident, democratic lawmakers urged trump to be impeached. Speaker of the house of representatives Nancy pelosi announced the formal opening of the trump impeachment investigation on September 24.
On October 4, three democratic house committee chairmen asked the White House to show documents to cooperate with the impeachment investigation by October 18. The White House, however, does not seem too concerned about the latest subpoena. "This subpoena has not changed anything," the White House said in a statement.
In addition, there is no evidence of wrongdoing in Ukraine.
President Donald trump said the White House was preparing to send a letter to house speaker Nancy pelosi formally opposing the impeachment investigation launched by Democrats without a formal vote. The letter is expected to indicate that the trump administration will not cooperate without a vote to initiate the impeachment investigation.