Wang Wenjing, chairman of UFIDA: I only do one thing in my l

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=In 1988, UF was born in a small 9 square meter house in Zhongguancun, Beijing. Today, UF has become China's largest independent software supplier. This is inseparable from Wang Wenjing's 30 years of dedication and persistence in the software industry.
I. Resignation and entrepreneurship
Wang Wenjing was born in the "hometown of the champion" in Jiangxi Province, Shangrao Huanggu, deeply influenced by Xu Yuanjie's family training, he loved learning since childhood, and his ambition is great. In 1979, Wang Wenjing successfully entered the Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics and jumped out of the farm gate.
After graduating from college, Wang Wenjing entered the work of the State Council's Bureau of Administration Affairs and put on the "iron rice bowl." With his outstanding performance, he soon became the "red man" of the unit, and his future was bright.
In 1988, Wang Wenjing made an amazing decision to resign and start a business. It turned out that during the work of the State Administration, Wang Wenjing found that financial software was promising. In addition, at that time, the Beijing Science and Technology Experimental Zone encouraged professionals to start businesses, and “UF” came into being.
At the beginning of the venture, the conditions were tough. Wang Wenjing and his friend Su Qiqiang were crowded into a small 9-square-meter house in Zhongguancun. He ran the market during the day, knocked the code at night, often slept in the office, and finally sold the first set of software, earning 7,000 yuan.
After that, Wang Wenjing continued to develop products and launched the 90 version of UF's accounting software. Su Qiqiang launched UFO financial reporting software, allowing UF to quickly occupy the market. In 1991, UF became the first financial software.
With the ever-changing software industry and the survival of the fittest, Wang Wenjing has always maintained a sense of urgency. From the initial DOS version, online version, to the Windows platform, product iterations are constantly being carried out.
In addition to product innovation, 30 years of focus and persistence is the magic weapon for Wang Wenjing to succeed.
Second, focus on persistence
In 1992, after Deng Xiaoping’s speech in the south, the country’s real estate boom began, and many industry giants joined the army of “staking the horse”.
At that time, UF’s business was limited in scale, and Wang Wenjing also decided to diversify and invest a portion of the funds to invest in real estate. But he soon discovered that he was not suitable for this field and he quickly quit.
In this year, Wang Wenjing suffered heavy losses in corporate management, and a group of R&D personnel collectively changed jobs, which made him deeply aware of the importance of talents.
Since then, he has paid more attention to creating a team atmosphere, and has formulated a clear corporate development plan, which greatly mobilizes the enthusiasm of employees and the development of the company.
In 1993, Su Qiqiang believed that the software sales market had broad prospects. He hoped that Wang Wenjing would invest in this industry, and Wang Wenjing participated in the preliminary research. However, because Wang Wenjing loves software products more, he finally had to regret his separation from Su Qiqiang.
In 1997, UF began to prepare for the listing. At that time, the companies that lined up were eager to get the indicators earlier. Many people suggested that Wang Wenjing be listed on the backdoor. However, he hopes to "do it purely" and insist on independent listing.
In 2001, Wang Wenjing finally ushered in a dream, and UF Software successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Wang Wenjing won the "China's richest software" with a value of 5 billion.
"If you want to be in any industry, you must have the determination to immerse yourself in more than ten years. You can only do one thing in your life."