Seized for more than two months Iran released the British ta

     2019-09-23    views
September 23, according to foreign media reports, local time on the 23rd, Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabbière said that the release of all the legal procedures required to release the British tanker "Stanner Empire" has been completed. Today, this tanker is free to leave.
According to reports, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards seized the "Stanner Empire" on the Strait of Hormuz on July 19 and then escorted it to the port of Abbas. As of now, it has been detained for two months.
It is reported that there are 23 crew members on board. The Iranian government once said that the crew was in good health and the tanker was parked next to the port. With the consent of Iran, seven crew members have been released.
On September 23, Rabie said at a news conference that "the legal work related to the release of the British tanker has ended. In this case, the tanker is now free to leave."
However, he also said that it is not possible to provide a specific timetable for the release of the tanker.
It is reported that half a month before Iran seized the "Stanard Empire", the British authorities detained the Iranian tanker "Grace 1" on British Gibraltar on July 4, because the British suspected tanker loading. Iranian oil will be shipped to Syria, violating EU sanctions.
On August 18th, the British government released the Iranian tanker "Grace No. 1". The tanker has been renamed "Adrian Daria No. 1".