A French supermarket has been caught by imaginative shoppers

     2019-10-11    views
French supermarkets are encountering imaginative shoppers
The price tag of the goods was detected
According to foreign media, a supermarket in the northern French province of Calais has encountered a funny thing. A customer ripped off the 1,400 euro wine price tag on a case and replaced it with a 19.96 euro price tag in an attempt to cheat the bill. However, the price difference is too large, not expected to be recognized by the cashier.
The customer was reportedly arrested by police and detained for attempted theft, but the local prosecutor's office decided not to press charges.
Laughable as it may sound, the report says, the practice of self-swapping supermarket thefts is not new, but such price discrepancies are rare.
In January, two French women were also caught paying the price tag of a 507 euro set of furniture in an ikea store for 2 euros.