The north-central United States has seen a rare fall of snow

     2019-10-26    views
China news agency, Houston, Oct. 10 (xinhua Nebraska, Colorado and other parts of the north-central United States saw a rare snowfall Sunday as a cold front swept down from the north. The national weather service has issued blizzard warnings for 10 states, including Nebraska, Colorado and Texas.
The national weather service says the us is bracing for a "historic winter storm" this autumn. According to the latest information, the agency the storm started in 9 at night, by the United States in the northwest of Washington, Wyoming, and Montana, the way of the central region, and in 10 throughout the Nebraska and Colorado, 11, also is expected to the parts of North Dakota, south Dakota, Minnesota, Texas. In addition, parts of the country are expected to experience blizzards with gusts of up to 50 miles per hour.
So far, the national weather service has issued a winter storm warning for Nebraska, Colorado, Texas and 10 other states, prompting outdoor workers, travelers and other necessary snow protection work.
Dozens of school districts in south Dakota and western Nebraska suspended classes Wednesday, ap reported. The storm is expected to bring 1 to 2 feet of snow to these areas. Temperatures are expected to drop sharply and break local records for the same period.
The temperature in Denver, Colorado, dropped from 26℃ to -10℃ Wednesday as winter began, CNN reported. A freeze warning has been issued for much of the state. The temperature in Denver is expected to rise to 15℃ by Friday morning.