Sudan's sovereign council appointed the chief justice and th

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Khartoum, Oct. 10 (xinhua) -- ma yichong Sudan's sovereign council announced the appointment of Sudan's chief justice and attorney general in a statement on Monday.
According to the statement, nimat abdullah mohammad haile was appointed chief justice of Sudan, the first female chief justice in Sudan's history. Taje syl ali habre was appointed Sudan's attorney-general.
A spokesman for Sudan's sovereign council, mohamed faki suleiman, said in a statement that the appointment had been submitted to the Ministry of Justice and approved. Upon taking office, the chief justice and the attorney general will set up committees to carry out their duties. Their future work will include anti-corruption investigations.
According to the statement, haier joined the Sudanese judiciary in 1986 and served on the court of appeal and the court of first instance before becoming a judge of the Supreme Court.
In April, Sudan's defense minister, ibn ove, announced the overthrow of Mr. Bashir and the establishment of a transitional military council to run the country's affairs. In July, the transitional military council of Sudan and the alliance for freedom and change signed an agreement to form a transitional governing body for the country. On August 21, the sovereign council of Sudan was established and the transitional military council of Sudan was dissolved automatically. On the same day, Sudan's interim prime minister hamduk was sworn in. On September 8, 18 cabinet members of Sudan's transitional government were sworn in.